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Klayman: Most Bomb Threats Against Jewish Institutions Occurred While Obama Was President. Not a Word of Concern From This Anti-Semitic Now Former President! 02/21/2017 09:13 AM
Klayman: Time for McCain to Retire in Jurassic Park! Establishment Republican Senator Is a Dinosaur! 02/20/2017 04:17 PM
Klayman: Time for McCain to Retire in Jurassic Park! 02/20/2017 10:44 AM
Klayman: Good for Netanyahu - Another Dangerous and Stupid Deal by Anti-Semites Obama and Kerry! 02/19/2017 09:10 PM
Klayman: If Simmons Is A "Muslim Too" He Might Want to Consider Visiting the West Bank and See How Sharia Law Works! Not Too Friendly to Minorities Like Him! 02/19/2017 06:25 PM
Klayman: Priebus Is Right! See 02/19/2017 11:32 AM
Klayman: President Trump Makes Case for Freedom Watch Leftist Media Strike Force! Go to! 02/19/2017 11:16 AM
'Fake news' CNN: Time to take 'em out 02/17/2017 07:39 PM
Media Reaction To Trump's Press Conference Hypocritical 02/17/2017 04:23 PM
Freedom Watch to File FCC Complaint Against CNN 02/17/2017 11:42 AM
Klayman: Watch CNN's Jake Tapper Kiss CNN President Jeff Zucker's Leftist Ass! 02/17/2017 10:02 AM
Klayman/Freedom Watch To File FCC Complaint Against CNN And Its President Jeff Zucker 02/16/2017 04:30 PM
Obama Behind Criminal Hacking Of Trump White House? 02/16/2017 04:14 PM
Klayman: President Trump Is Right! Freedom Watch's Leftist Media Strike Force Is Preparing to File an FCC Complaint Against CNN and Its President Jeff Zucker to Revoke Their Broadcasting Licenses for Suggesting How to Assassinate President Trump on the Day of His Inauguration! See 02/16/2017 03:58 PM
Trump to Media: 'Public Doesn't Believe You People Anymore' 02/16/2017 03:42 PM
Emergency Hearing Sought to Stop NSA 'Spying' on Trump 02/16/2017 11:43 AM
Whistleblower Montgomery Allegedly Has Goods on NSA, CIA Snooping 02/16/2017 11:02 AM
Trump Fumes Over 'Criminal' Leaks as Culprits Risk Harsh Penalties 02/16/2017 09:51 AM
2 top House Republicans ask Inspector General to investigate leaks 02/16/2017 09:12 AM
Klayman and Freedom Watch Offer to Represent General Mike Flynn With Regard to Criminal Wiretapping of His Phones and the White House 02/15/2017 07:41 PM
NSA spying on the Trump administration? 02/15/2017 07:13 PM
Freedom Watch Files Emergency Request With Court To Stop Illegal Spying On President Trump And His White House 02/15/2017 01:59 PM
Klayman and Freedom Watch File New Amicus Brief Seeking En Banc Review of Ninth Circuit Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) Enjoining Implementation of Trump Temporary Ban of Immigration From 7 "Terrorist" Middle Eastern Nations! 02/14/2017 07:47 PM
NSA Spying On "The President And His Men" Constitutes A Grave Threat To The Republic 02/14/2017 01:34 PM
Russia sends spy ship near US coast, deploys banned missiles at home, officials say 02/14/2017 01:12 PM
Bill O'Reilly: A stunning display of dishonesty from the national press and radical left 02/14/2017 12:56 PM
NSA Wiretapping Flynn and Trump White House? 02/14/2017 12:40 PM
Time For Hollywood Right Entertainers To Speak Out To Save The Country From Leftist Attacks Seeking To Destroy The Trump Presidency 02/13/2017 09:04 PM
Klayman: More NYT Leftist Bull! Was It Better When Presidents Like Clinton and Obama Sucked off of Rich Donors for Vacations on Martha's Vineyard!? 02/13/2017 07:59 AM
Klayman: It's Sad That Some Blacks Like Bennett Hate Jews When Jews Did So Much for Their Civil Rights Movement. It's the Black Muslim "Religion" That, Unlike Muhammad Ali Who Bennett Wrongly Invokes, Has Become Virulently Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel! Like Louis Farrakhan They Scapegoat Jews for Their "Problems"! 02/13/2017 07:37 AM
Klayman: It's Hard to Laugh When Bill Maher Is Appearing With CNN's Communist Van Jones! Bill, Find a New Outlet! 02/11/2017 04:10 PM
Larry Klayman: Trump Should 'Redraft' Travel Ban 02/11/2017 11:46 AM
It's Clearly Time to Clean up the Judiciary 02/10/2017 07:51 PM
(CORRECTED) Muslims, Leftist Jews, Judge Robart And The 9th Circuit: The Combination Is Dangerous And Has Harmed National Security 02/10/2017 04:26 PM
Muslims, Leftist Jews, Judge Robard And The 9th Circuit: The Combination Is Dangerous And Has Harmed National Security 02/10/2017 04:02 PM
Gorsuch's Critical Trump Comments Expose Real Problem With Courts 02/09/2017 03:21 PM
Klayman: Congratulations to Trump AG Jeff Sessions! Freedom Watch Hopes to Work with Him to Return Law and Order to the Nation! 02/08/2017 09:57 PM
Klayman: Trump Was Right, Gorsuch Wrong. It's Time Even the President Can Call a Spade a Spade. The Judiciary Has Become Politicized and This Is Dangerous. Pretending It Isn't Is Not Helpful to Reforming It for the Better! See 02/08/2017 08:18 PM
Jake Tapper And Others At CNN Are Being Dishonest And Thus Harming The Nation 02/08/2017 07:31 PM
9th Circuit Trump Immigration Case Shows Why We Need Honest Judges To Enforce The Rule Of Law 02/08/2017 04:13 PM
Trump Immigration Case Underscores Corrupted Justice System 02/08/2017 10:54 AM
Live Analysis: Oral Arguments on Trump's Immigration Order 02/08/2017 09:32 AM
Klayman: Jake Tapper Before He Got a Prime Time CNN Show Was a Very Fair Journalist. Now He Has Become an Ultra Politicized Leftist Hack to Improve CNN's Poor Ratings! Very Sad as He Has Unethically Compromised His Former Values. See 02/07/2017 11:10 PM
Klayman: Pocahontas Ordered to Curb Her Foul "Leftist Mouth"! Good for Senator McConnell! 02/07/2017 10:53 PM
Klayman: California Is the Most Beautiful State but Its Politicians Are Further to the Left Than Lenin! They Are Destroying It! 02/07/2017 03:28 PM
Klayman: Pelosi Has Had One Too Many Face Lifts: But Now She Needs an Anti-Senility Treatment! 02/07/2017 03:10 PM
Freedom Watch Has Filed an Amicus Brief Before the 9th Circuit in Support of the Trump Administration's Temporary Moratorium on Immigration From Seven Middle Eastern Countries 02/07/2017 01:38 PM
Freedom Watch Amicus Brief Before Ninth Circuit Seeking Stay and Reveral of Seattle Judge's TRO of Trump 90 Day Moratorium on Immigration from 7 Middle Eastern Countries 02/06/2017 07:04 PM
Klayman: Another NYT Lie: Tea Party Does Not Loot, Vandalize, Assault, Commit Arson and Kill Ala Leftist and BLM Protesters! 02/06/2017 01:38 PM
Klayman: Where Was CNN Over Obama and Clinton Lies Which Occurred Virtually Every Time They Opened Their Mouths? 02/06/2017 12:47 PM
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